FRO prices

FRO prices

Several members associated to the VCL team have been by the Fund for Research in Ophthalmology during the latest Ophthalmologica Belgica meeting. These prices honour junior researchers that perform groundbreaking research in the ophthalmology field.

BECKERS An (University of Leuven)
The interplay between dendrite and axon regeneration in central nervous system repair: which way to grow?

BARBOSA BREDA Joao (University Hospital Leuven)
Metabolomic profile of surgical glaucoma patients

ANDRIES Lien (University of Leuven)
Neuroinflammation as fuel for axonal regeneration: unravelling the underlying molecular players

VAN KEER Karel (University of Leuven)
Automated retinal vessel analysis to improve the detection and management of ophthalmic and systemic diseases